Isara Technologies is a small company providing software engineering services to end-users and engineering teams. Making things possible is what we are specialized in. We are perfectionists in everything we do. No matter what plugin or project we are working on, we will always aim to achieve the highest quality possible. Ease of use, performance and stability of the final product are our highest priorities.


Our core of expertise

3D simulation and development of tools for Unreal Engine and Unity
Our experience includes working for years in a university research department involving simulation and 3D imagery for serious gaming, giving us a strong experience in this field. In this context, we provide and continuously develop several plugins and tools to ease the development of games, simulations and applications using the Unreal Engine.

Front-end and back-end design of websites
Our field of expertise also includes the design of websites, both back-end and front-end. Of course, we can set up a WordPress website, but in case of a more serious business, we’re experts in the current web standards (REST, HATEOAS), the most common Java based technologies (Spring – and Spring Boot -, JPA/Hibernate, Thymeleaf), and front-end frameworks (JQuery, AngularJS).

Consulting in software engineering
We provide our expertise to software engineering teams through our consulting service. We can help you in the early stages of your project by studying your goals, selecting the most suited technologies, and designing the global architecture of your system.


On-demand development

We provide our services on-demand. If you’re looking for a specific Unreal Engine plugin that doesn’t exist, the simulation application of your dreams, or a website for managing complex tasks: you can contact us!

We will study your request and contact you back within a week, to tell you if it’s in our line of work (we won’t propose our services if we think we can’t provide the best quality) and if so, a price estimation.

There are no standard prices for on-demand development, given that each project is different and may require a different amount of work.

For our consulting services, the common budget starts from (for small projects and development teams):

  • $3000 per month for audit: architectural review of the codebase, code review of specific features, technical advice, planning and roadmapping
  • $6000 per month for design tasks: selection of technologies, design of the architecture, development of the domain model

These budget indications depend on the size of the project, contact us for a detailed estimation.