Landscape Generator

Procedural Noise-Based Heightmap.

The landscape generator plugin is built on top of the Noise Library. It allows to use noise functions (Perlin, Voronoi) and so on to procedurally generate landscape from blueprints.

Using the node-based system of blueprints, we can combine noises using several operators to produce a custom heightmap, allowing us to generate an infinite variety of terrains.

But there’s more: the landscape generator comes with a collection of methods to generate a truly realistic landscape…

Procedural Foliage Generation.

This includes forest generation (using a virtual seed propagation system) usable from blueprints, and methods to place assets in a realistic fashion.

For instance, generate rocks, move rocks along slopes, spawn new small rocks around the initial rocks. It’s just 3 blueprint nodes, and a good-starting point to customize your own virtual environment.

All these functions can also be applied upon existing terrains: for instance, if you have a hand-created terrain, you can use the landscape generator to spawn foliages and rocks on the terrain, or to apply a custom deformation of the heightmap.

These generated landscapes are created with respect of the Unreal Engine data structures: the landscape is not a mesh, but a real Unreal landscape, thus we can use all sculpting tools and brushs to customize the generated landscape and create the perfect virtual world.

Tiled Terrains.

For really big environments, a single landscape object might not be enough. That’s why the landscape generator proposes a method to generate tiled terrains. A tiled terrain is a grid of smaller terrains seamlessly connected together.

Tiled terrain screenshot
Technical demo of a 600km² tiled terrain procedurally generated in a few moments. For comparison the GTA V map is around 300km².


Using tiled terrains allows you to overcome the size limitation of standard Unreal Engine landscapes, and create a complete world.


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Download some generators examples created by our team. You just have to unzip the content of the download in your Content project folder. Be sure Landscape Generator plugin is enabled.

Assets we use in our screenshots are Epic Games property: you have to download them by your own and map files in the generators. For instance, the landscape material is the one from Epic’s Kite Demo. You have to add them manually in your project and edit the generator file to use these assets.


Island landscape generator

Little hills

Little hills landscape generator