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GPS Tools for the Unreal Engine

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GPS Tools for the Unreal Engine is a suite of tools that can be used to work with a GPS using the Unreal Engine.
It includes the NMEA Parser which allows you to parse NMEA messages coming from a GPS using blueprints.
This can be used for either getting live data from a GPS or replaying a saved track.
GPS Tools also includes a serial port reader for the Unreal Engine that can be used to read data from Bluetooth.
Of course, functions are not limited to GPS, and the serial port reader can also be used to communicate with Arduino robots (for instance).

GPS for the Unreal Engine

Introduce real world positions in the Unreal Engine with our GPS Tools.

Live NMEA Parser

Decode NMEA messages in live and update the position of an actor according to a real position.

Replay scenario

Save a GPS track log in the NMEA format and use the NMEA parser to replay it in the engine.

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