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The Web Server for the Unreal Engine

UWS or Unreal Web Server is a web server written directly in C++ for the Unreal Engine. Using UWS, we can expose functions of the Unreal Engine over the network in a RESTful way. Possibilities are unlimited: controlling characters from a web page, making a companion app for smartphones, generating live analytic reports, externalizing unit test and integration test management, etc.


Explore the possibilities of the Unreal Web Server

Character Controller

Using the Character Controller blueprint, the game can be played with HTTP requests.

Companion App

Making a companion app is now simple and portable with UWS.

Analytics Report

See live reports of the performance of your game, and monitor it remotely.


Externalized Testing

Let an externalized testing solution sends input to the game with HTTP requests at night, and get the full report of the results in your mailbox in the morning.

Responsive Website

Include a full website in your application. You can access it from your computer, your tablet, and even your smartphone.


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Download some examples created by our team :

UWS Demo project

UWS is a full demo project with example blueprints and few ideas of the Unreal Web Server usages.

To install : extract the content of the zip into an empty folder. Open the Unreal Project by double-clicking on the .uproject file.

This project has been tested on Unreal 4.17.2.

UWS Demo project


BP_ConsoleCommandHandler is a blueprint to show you some possibilities of the Unreal Web Server. A webpage contains a single input text form, every text written in this text form is sent as a console command into your Unreal game.

To install : extract the content of the zip into your project content folder. Your project must have UWS plugin.
This blueprint has been tested on Unreal 4.17.2 only.

UWS Blueprint - BP_ConsoleCommandHandler