Project Description


Hyper-reality travel.

Odyssée is a virtual reality project created for the Bibliothèque Humaniste de Sélestat in France. Its main purpose is to create a virtual travel around few histories written is the book of the library.

Players will progress through 5 worlds drawn from 4 books and an item found in the Humanist Library. Each atmosphere is carefully recreated. Find 6 keys hidden in one of the rooms of Haut-Koenigsbourg castle in 1945, create a footbridge aboard the legendary Trojan horse or shoot a flaming arrow at a drakkar in order to perform the Viking ritual, participants will experience a extraordinary adventure.

Isara Tech. team has dealt with technological locks, espetially with multiplayer using Oculus Quest headsets without external tracking. Each player position is known by the others using only internal Oculus tracking (with cameras and gyroscope).

One headset works as a server. No computers are required, 4 Oculus Quests 2 headsets and a Wifi AP are the only required hardware.
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