Project Description

Destroyed village of VAUX-DEVANT-DAMLOUP

Historical project. Virtual exploration of a French destroyed village during WW1.

This project main purpose was to provide a 3D mobile application to virtually explore a destroyed village.

The user has to move though the ruins of the destroyed village, the application uses the smartphone GPS, compass and gyroscope to display through le screen, a virtual representation of the village, like when it was alive.

3 routes, 3 thematic

The application allows you to select (and switch) between 3 thematic, with their individual point of interest, and their individual behavior:

  1. Village: these points of interest are mini-scene where you are inside specific buildings of the village, such as brewery, inn, washhouse,… You can use your smartphone to explore the building and discover some specific vintage tools.
  2. Biodiversity: focus on the fauna and flora of this particular region of France. Watch mini video clips, drawn in a comics style.
  3. War: explore the historical conflict of WW1 in the surroundings of the village (including Verdun battle).

This project was completed in 2018 using Unreal Engine 4.18.


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